Friday, 13 November 2020

Asana feast on zoom

The next online Yoga Foundations Course day is on the 21st of November and is open to book as an individual day. Hanri Van Wyk will be teaching about the history of the physical (asana) side of yoga, we'll be exploring different yoga styles and Neal Dawkins will be teaching about Yoga Relaxation. DM ourselves to book a space. #onlineyoga #YogaFoundations #yogacourse #daycourse #yogastyles #yogaknowledge #onlinecourse

Sunday, 13 September 2020

This Yoga Foundations Course is designed to help students and yoga teachers-to-be to explore, study and practice some of the broader and deeper aspects of yoga.
EARLY BIRD PRICE £350 UNTIL 05/10/2020

It will open up the wider topic of yoga beyond the practice typically delivered in a weekly class. It will help you to create, establish and constantly refresh a personal and meaningful yoga home or class based practice. Throughout this foundations course, experienced and inspirational international teachers will share knowledge of the yoga in a small, intimate online class setting.
Over the five immersive day modules we will explore, gain knowledge of and practice philosophy, mantras, prana and pranayama (life energy and yoga breathing), asana(yoga seats or poses based on warm-ups, body usage, balanced sequence, counter poses, modifications and the main yoga teaching styles), yoga relaxation, meditation and concentration, basic Sanskrit, mudras (yoga seals), kriyas (yoga cleansing practices), kundalini and chakras (energy and vortexes of energy) and the ultimate goal of yoga or Samadhi.
The course is also a personal development opportunity for those who may not wish to pursue a professional career as a yoga teacher but want to explore and deepen their understanding of yoga as a profound, inspirational and transformational practice. Click here for Facebook event page 


Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Relaxation to beat the pandemic stress

Join us!60 minutes of a deep 3Rs practice: relax, restore and renew. This is a zoom class that you anyone can join from the comfort of your home or from your hotel room. All you need is cushions(plenty of different size), perhaps that back seat of your sofa(if you do not have a bolster), a little towel for your eyes, a strap or a soft belt and books or yoga blocks. Come learn how to recognize your internal tension and let it go in stillness and softness. A very necessary practice. Book via email

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Make time to slow down, deepen your yoga practice, open to insights and nourish the body & soul in the warmth and beauty of Tamaura Retreat. It will be a cosy day in this beautiful studio by the gorgeous Pentney lake in Norfolk. We will spend quality time together learning about the qualities of the element earth predominant in the season through different methods of yoga practice such as hatha yoga, acroyoga basics, sun power yoga and restorative yoga as well as meditation . We will also have time to explore the exuberant colourful nature that time of the year around us. And don't forget the most delicious, generous and nutritious vegetarian lunch awaits you. Our hosts are excellent cookers and food is just finger-licious! Come with friends, relatives or family. If you are alone come anyway as this is a great chance to bond with like-minded people. We are happy to advise you regarding food, practice etc and we can also try and organise shared transport . Don't miss it. You will feel very uplifted and energised after a day like this :-) Price: £75. For more detail and to book contact me via Facebook, phone 07576578821 or email . MORE ON FACEBOOK

The sacred Vedic chants called mantras are part of the ancient science Nada Yoga or the therapy of the sound . Mantras have many purposes from helping to memorize teachings of the old yoga books, to healing, concentration, open our heart, express gratitude, deepen our connection with the teacher, release and let go etc. Most importantly, it is said to be the highest bridge towards our souls. Come and experience 3h of the magical practice of relaxing yoga and meditation with beautiful melodic mantras. You will be delighted by the beauty of melodies and their Sanskrit meanings. There is much more than what you see in the Yoga world. Do not miss out this opportunity to relax, learn, be inspired and feel good in such an exclusive and inspirational workshop. MORE ON FACEBOOK

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Caminho do sol: retiro de yoga, meditacao e massagem

Caminho do sol: retiro de yoga, meditacao e massagem: Caminho do sol: retiro de yoga, meditacao e massagem, Polo De Aperfeiçoamento Integral, Engenho Bento, PE 85 Km 15,5, Ribeirão, Brazil. Sexta-feira 27 de Julho a domingo 29 de julho, Weekend zen no meio de um dos pontos mais preservados e exuberantes da mata Atlantica em Pernambuco. Um final de semana inteiro para curtir paz!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Spring day yoga retreat

Spring day yoga retreat: Spring day yoga retreat, Tamaura Retreat, 4 Pentney Lakes, Norfolk, United Kingdom. Sat May 19 2018 Come enjoy a yoga day out by the beautiful Pentney Lake, Kings Lynn, West Norfolk. In the programme, different styles of yoga practice , vegetarian food and lots of walks by this gorgeous lake.